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Professor Dr. Oxford York is a well-respected researcher, international lecturer, and an integrative psychotherapist and counsellor with over 29 years of experience in various positions within the healthcare field. He is a certified professional who specializes in Clinical Trauma, Advanced Grief, Sex, and Chronic Cardiorespiratory and Neurological conditions. Prof. York is a life-long learner, a strong active listener and a person who engages in reflective practices.


Prof. York has been well informed and educated from life experiences. As an integrative therapist, he uses psychosynthesis as an individualized holistic approach to therapy that focuses on personal growth and development. His knowledge and experience is extensive, this allows him to effectively collaborate with clients to design individualized healing steps. Prof. York has a compassionate and empathetic approach to therapy that helps clients navigate through various mental health issues, such as, anxiety, fear, depression, race and cultural issues, trauma, addiction recovery, chronic pain, sex, and relationship difficulties. He utilizes a variety of therapeutic methods, such as, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness-based therapy,  Systemic approaches, Storytelling and Narrative therapy.


Prof. Oxford has developed a profound comprehension and appreciation of life to be lived without suffering in silence to create inner harmony, self-awareness and wellness. He is someone who lives by his principles and prioritizes in maintaining a healthy self-care routine, and has strong ethical values. Prof. Oxford has witnessed and lived through many difficult experiences, and life has educated him about the power of post-traumatic growth that emerges once awareness develops to create mental toughness, discipline and preparedness to cope with life and its challenges. Prof. Oxford has a particular philosophy of life that has been taught to him, and then personalized through his 42 years study of various Chinese, Korean, Thailandese, and Japanese martial arts. 

Oxford is dedicated to helping clients achieve emotional well-being, personal growth and healing through his unique approaches. His calm, warm and non-judgemental demeanor creates a safe, secure and supportive environment for clients to explore their thoughts and feelings. He is often praised by clients for his supportive approaches, laughter, humanization of care, sense of humour, expertise, authenticity and professionalism for their well-being. His skill set attunes and aims to support all client's mind, body and spiritual health.

Some of Oxford's core beliefs involve not believing in negativity or negative things, once you can learn and make new meaning from the many direct and indirect lessons being taught to you. 

"There is always a "choice" in every life challenge and always a "new gift" to be received in the end as your perspective changes" - Oxford York


Oxford embraces complexity in cases and will work with you to find solutions to help ease concerns or that feeling of being "stuck". Oxford is collaborative and adaptive in his unique way of connecting with clients to bring forth healing. In other words, Oxford is ready to take a slow walk with you and engaged in this new life journey together, if you are willing and ready to slow down and begin taking a look on the inside. 

Individual, Couples & Family
  • GRIEF:                                                                 Certified Advanced Grief Counselling Specialist (CAGCS)
  • TRAUMA:                                                                 Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP) 
  • SEX:                                                                       Certified Sex Therapy Informed Professional (CSTIP)
Spirituality (ex. Awareness, Personal Development), Life transition, Trauma, Chronic disease, Cancer, Grief, Diversity & Cultural challenges, Care givers, Men’s Mental & Physical Health, Anger, Depression, Anxiety, Relationship Problems, Sex Life & More…..
* Philosophy: Martial Arts, Relaxation
*Approches: Holistic, Systemic, Existential 
*Therapies: Brief & Narrative, Attachment, Gottman, Reality, Imago, Sex.


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**Before any actual psychotherapy sessions begin, the client needs to “check their insurance coverage to see if covered for therapy with a registered psychotherapist


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“From being honest, real, open and vulnerable will come your strength and resilience"- Oxford York

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